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Sam Ellefson

A Young, Naive Man Full of Keen Observations in a Not-So-Innocent World


About Sam Ellefson

Sam is a blossoming young comedian in the Northwest Scene. Originally from a Suburb of a Suburb in Minnesota, he brings naivety and "Minnesota Nice" takes about his life and this world that is not always so innocent and nice. His absurd yet relatable experiences are sure to have you rolling. Sam has a couple of NW Emmy nominations for his live-streamed show "Late Knight" and had a video go viral on Facebook where he proves people in Washington State have no idea where Minnesota is on a map.


Watch Me Perform

Upcoming Shows
(One day when I'm famous I'll keep this up to date)

October 25th

Featuring for Narin Vann at the Comedy Hour (Tacoma, WA)

October 26th

Comedy Clash at Comedy on Broadway (Seattle, WA)

November 1st

 Comedy on Broadway Present Mary Lou Gamba (Seattle, WA)

November 2nd

Hosting for Steph Tolev at Laughing Mater (Tacoma, WA)

November 7th

Featuring for Chase Meyers at Tipsy Piano Bar (Olympia, WA)


November 9th

Closing out an open mic at All Season's Bar (Parkland, WA)


November 13th

Samwich Show with Sam Miller at El Sarape (Olympia, WA)



"You helped me feel validated in my childhood bedwetting problem"

 - A Woman After Seeing Me Perform

"You are the Golden Goose"

 - Sam Miller

"I'm so glad you don't swear every other word and think you need to say dirty stuff to be funny"

- My Mom After Seeing Me Perform


Sam Ellefson

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